A.D. Sui

also known as Dr. Anna Sui

Anna (she/her) writes, a lot!

From fiction to scientific communication, and academic publications, she can’t seem to put her pen down (or rather, stop typing away on her laptop).

Her journey through the writing world has been rather unconventional. After arriving to Canada when she was eleven, she spent the first few years getting the hang of English (she’s yet to actually get the hang of it). Once in high-school, she was quickly swept up in the world of professional sport, where she competed with the Canadian National Fencing Team until her retirement in 2015 (contact her for all your fencing needs).

Today, Anna holds a Ph.D. in Health Promotion. As a postdoctoral fellow, she researches and writes about all things digital (even if she is a bit of a techno-phobe). When not being a stuffy academic she writes science-fiction and fantasy, literary fiction, and more.

When not writing, she’s either drinking her 10th coffee or tending to her thousands of tropical plants.